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How do they dress in Argentina, what clothes do Argentineans wear?

Argentina, a pole of fashionista looks in Latin America, specifically Buenos Aires, is one of the cities that mark fashion and trends in the rest of the cities, both within the Argentine territory and "for export"; with this, we are affirming that we give great importance to fashion and everything that happens with it, we are great observers of what happens outside, especially in Europe and we know how to adapt to our way of dressing quickly.

It may be due to our migratory roots of the 20th century and later to the mass media, but the truth is that in addition to the local brands, they bring many European ideas, we like them a lot, most of all, fashion Parisian, and we consume it instantly and we mark the minute by minute of what should be used to be "fashionable" on the street of the big cities.

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We are, for the most part, lovers of comfort, of versatile garments, of easy and practical combinations, many jeans, shirts, oversize garments, comfortable heels, in women, elegant sport shoes, for men, and as times are scarce and the vortex of the day requires us to be easy to resolve at the time of leaving, but without losing our distinctive touch, we do not dress simple, but comfortable, with garments that tend to have details or the personal touch that sets us apart from the rest.

As for the colors, we are not so played, we look for white, black or similar ranges, in most of the clothes in our wardrobes, although, at this moment, we can observe a marked opening, again remarking that it is influenced by Europe, the use of unconventional color combinations.

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Argentineans wear

The day to day Argentine, more than anything in women, governs the variation of activities ranging from work, to the activities of children, going through the errands and chores of the house, so you need total comfort and not it varies both the daily look, if with accessories that cork prominence as a ring with emotional value, a purse or bag that is versatile as your day and footwear according to the activities of your day, but always distinguished.

At night, if we opt for accessories a little more played, flashy, in the clothes, fabrics such as silk, transparencies, brightness and prints that take center stage. In the case of men, in recent years, they have managed to take an important turn, being fashion in their lives, a very important role when choosing which to use, depending on the occasion; the most significant change, in my opinion, is that they move to "go shopping", choose cuts, fabrics and colors, they encourage the most tight clothes to the body, the cigarrette pants or chupines, pants cuts up Ankle, neck changes from English to Italian that goes very well with adapting from formal to informal and spend a lot of time to look better, attitude that I applaud, since they also set a trend today for what is right in a man when it comes to dressing.

In this way, we inspire us to continue giving importance to how we dress, since as I always tell you, it speaks of us, and in this post, of how we dress the Argentines!


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